Show up, Speak out, and Most Importantly VOTE!

I had an internal debate as to whether or not I should speak on the current protest and social injustices that we repeatedly see playing out in our lives. At first, I thought this is a finance blog so I should probably stay away from politics, but basic human decency shouldn’t be controversial and it definitely shouldn’t be political. It should just be. 

Sadly, in 2020 we are still fighting for people to be ‘judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin’. My skin color is not a crime nor should it be a cause for suspicion. I’ll say it again, MY SKIN COLOR IS NOT A CRIME NOR SHOULD IT BE A CAUSE FOR SUSPICION. However...

this is America.

  • Where people who look like me were once considered property. 

  • Where in 1787, through the Three-Fifths Compromise, enslaved Blacks were counted as three-fifths of the number of white inhabitants in a state ultimately boosting the Congressional and political power of our enslavers.  

  • Where it took an amendment in 1865 (the 13th as an FYI), roughly 100 years after the signing of the Constitution, to abolish slavery and involuntary servitude (and even that came with loopholes). 

  • It then took an additional two amendments (the 14th, which gave all previously enslaved people full citizenship and the 15th, which gave Black men the right to vote) and several Civil Rights Acts over the course of 100 plus years to get us to where we are today. 

And where is that? Still, MARCHING FOR OUR LIVES. It's incredibly frustrating but it’s not at all that unfathomable because...

this is America.

  • Where any type of prosperity in the Black community is met with hatred and destruction. Have you heard of Black Wallstreet and the Tulsa, Oklahoma race riot of 1921? Yes, they dropped bombs used in WWI on this all-Black community.

  • Where overt racism was replaced with systemic racism, which is basically institutionalized discrimination. This has had a devastating impact on Black people’s economic mobility.

  • Where the net worth of White families is ten times greater than Black families, and the wealth gap continues to grow.

  • Where unemployment rates for Blacks is twice as high as their white counterparts and this includes those with a college degree.

  • Where Black wealth creation has been stagnant for the past 40 years; but these issues go largely undiscussed because...

this is America.

Where in the past two months there were two major protests.One group fully armed chanting for the right to get a haircut and not wear a mask. Another group unarmed chanting literally for the right not to be murdered by police. One group was said to be exercising their constitutional rights while the other group was labelled as thugs and terrorists. It’s probably not hard to imagine the people that made up each of these groups because...

this is America...And the hypocrisy and double standards are staggering! 

Although, IT-DOESN’T-HAVE-TO-BE! We can be the change that we want to see in this country. Just because that’s the way it’s always been doesn’t mean that’s the way it always has to be. Enough is enough! I have witnessed many mass protests in my lifetime but somehow this one feels different. Like maybe we can actually start to see some change or at least start taking the steps to eventually see that change come to fruition. I mean people are showing up, people are speaking out but we have to keep the momentum going and we have to show up at the polls this November because…

this is America...and despite what some may say, OUR VOTES DO MATTER! 

If they didn’t, lawmakers wouldn’t continuously pass measures to make it harder and harder for certain people to vote, particularly people of color, young people, people with disabilities and the elderly. If you aren’t aware of voter suppression please take the time to read this article (Block the Vote: Voter Suppression in 2020).

Reasons Why Voting is Important

  • Nothing will ever change if you don’t. Voting is the first step towards reform.

  • It’s the only way you’ll get people that share your ideals and understand your struggles into public office.

  • It ensures that your issues are heard and your interests are taken into account.

  • It allows you to keep the power of what happens in your community in your hands.

  • It’s a reminder to politicians that they serve the public, which means they serve you too.

  • It’s your Constitutional right.

How to Register to Vote?

There are efforts underway to make registering to vote easier. Thirty-nine states along with the District of Columbia now allows you to register to vote online.  If you are uncertain as to whether or not you are already registered to vote, you can always check here. For more information on voter registration please go to

Vote As if Your Life Depends On It, Because in Some Ways it Does

I understand that in November our options may not be optimal. But a non-vote is another way of saying that you are fine with the way things are. And maybe you are, I’m not here to tell anyone how to vote but I am stressing that you should vote. Personally, I am not alright with the way things are and there is no way I am going to forgo my constitutional right to vote because the perfect candidate isn’t on the ballot. Best believe that people who are okay with the way things currently are, certainly aren’t going to not vote.

 I’m voting because I need change. I’m voting because I’m tired of having an uneasy feeling when I’m in the presence of police. I’m voting because I don’t want the Black men (or women) in my family to become a hashtag. I’m voting because I don’t want future generations to still have to march 50 years from now for the same cause. I’m voting because I am tired of being tired. 

Don’t get me wrong, marching is great, peaceful protests are necessary, but voting is critical. And if we fail to show up at the polls in November, then this year’s protests along with every other protest over racial injustices, would be for nothing. If you’re not okay with the past four years, if you’re not okay with the status quo, if you’re not okay with constantly being overlooked and unheard, let your vote be your voice. Let them know that THIS IS NOT OKAY;  I AM NOT OKAY! 

Our Lives Matter! Our Voices Matter! Our Votes Matter! Why?

Because this is America and no matter what they try to tell us



  1. I couldn't agree more. It's great that we are out there protesting and getting our voices heard for what feels like the first time forever. But we have to follow up where it counts vote ppl who shares our views in vote ppl who think the state of our nation is just find the way it is out. Vote like your life depends on it. Black Lives DO Matter.

  2. Thanks for you comment. I couldn't agree more.

  3. This year is one of the most important elections in American history and we really do need to make sure we are showing up to make our voices be heard. It has been great to see the changes already taking place, but it is certainly not enough.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Exactly Kat, we have to keep putting the work in. It's been a hard year but we gotta keep going! Let's show up and show out this November! :-)

  5. This post is EVERYTHING I needed to say but didn't know how! It is IMPERATIVE that everyone exercises their right, but also, make it an informed vote. We are not only voting for a President. We need reputable members of Congress as well!

  6. Thanks for the comment Britt! You are so right; it is so much more than just voting for President. We have to make sure we are showing up for every vote including our State and Local elections!

    Glad you enjoyed the post! :-)

  7. So so so needed at a time like this more than ever!!! Such a great post eith so much to offer especially for us young people. It's important that we stay in the know and get involved. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Really nice and interesting post. I was looking for this kind of information and enjoyed reading this one. unicc


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